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Archived news from 2007

BESL get out for the Summer!

BESL have been getting out and about this summer. We have participated in a series of fetes and walks around the Broads area.

Representatives from BESL staged displays at
Geldeston Village Fete, July 14th
Reedham Village Fete, July 15th
Thurne Village Fete, July 28th
Repps with Bastwick Village Fete, August 9th
Claxton Manor Fair on the Yare, September 2nd

Additionally staff from the project assisted with the Broads Authority organised walks at Carlton (August 10th), Upton (August 15th) and Beccles (August 28th). And a small display was erected at the Beccles Regatta, August 5-9th.

It was an opportunity for residents and river users who might not otherwise be involved in the consultation process to meet with the team and learn about the works proposed for that area. The feedback was encouraging and BESL hope to get out and about again summer 2008.

2007 Project Forum

The Forum took place on Tuesday April 3rd at Acle War Memorial Recreation Centre.

Every two years the project invites stakeholders, and, on this occasion, a wider audience of landowners, tenants and associations, to meet the project team and review the progress of the project so far. The Forum this time took the form of an exhibition and display with attendees invited to drop-in during the day.

Emergency Piling Removal, River Yare

Works are currently underway to remove piling in the lower Yare (Compartment 11). The piling is along lengths where new setback banks were constructed in 2003-2004. The new banks are now fully established with a reeded margin, lagoon and low vegetated bank through to the piled edge. The intention has always been to remove the piling and re-grade the new river edge back to the rond. Some sections of piling and tie rods have started to fail recently, exacerbated by the high water levels during the flood event of 1 November, so BESL are currently undertaking emergency works.

Planning permission for the piling removal was granted in July 2007.

Piling works in the lower Yare

Following the emergency piling removal works between Seven Mile House and Ashtree Farm over the winter period, BESL have submitted a planning application for further piling removal along the Haddiscoe Island (Compartment 35) side of the river. Permission for these works was granted in July 2007. We are also re-piling a 100 metre length in front of the Burnt House Wind Pump.

Click on the links below for further details about the emergency piling and the Environmental Report that accompanied the planning application.

Click here to read the Environmental Report for the Haddiscoe Island piling removal
Click here to read about the emergency piling

Erosion protection trials in the Broads

Matthew Philpot (a graduate engineer with BESL), researched the phenomenon of wave attenuation by vegetation as part of his BEng(hons) degree course. Through investigating the effects of naturally occurring seaweed causing wave damping Matthew made models which attempted to reduce wave energy artificially.

For the project Matthew looked at waves that were typical of those found on the Broads, using data from Broads Authority research papers on waves made by Broads boat traffic. The model worked and its potential application as an erosion prevention method was clear.

On joining Halcrow in 2004 Matthew gained support from his superiors and a practical trial of the idea was discussed. After finding an appropriate site and receiving consent from the planning authority the prototype erosion prevention is now in place on the North East side of Haddiscoe Island.

Though the models used in the initial research were basic, a similar design has been adapted through the help and support of Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd (www.scourcontrol.co.uk). A line of scour mats have been used which aim to replicate the effects of the seaweed and their success is currently being monitored.

This trial is testament to the long term nature of the Broadland project which allows for new, innovative ideas to be trialled, monitored and reported on. BESL are committed to improving flood defences in the Broad in the long term and the continual development and trialling of new ideas and methods, these will lead to a rich knowledge base of solutions for the project, best value for the client and, ultimately, better defences for the Broads.

Matthew produced a paper detailing the solution, this has already won two awards.

Click here to read about Matthew winning the Halcrow Technical Paper Award 2006
Click here to read about the CIWEM graduate paper award Matthew received in 2005

Compartment 25a - Dockeney Wall

As part of the ongoing flood defence works in the Waveney Valley the works in Compartment 25a, Geldeston, have been divided into two phases. The proposals for the first phase, Dockeney Wall, were recently submitted to the Broads Authority planning commitee, permission was granted in July 2007.

Click here for more information about Compartment 25a

Water voles - A research project

Ben Raybould, an Ecology student from the University of East Anglia, has undertaken a one year industrial placement with BESL. Whilst on placement he has conducted a research project into the effectiveness of water vole mitigation techniques. Click on the link below to read more about the project and to view images.

Click here to read more about the water vole research

Compartment 14

A planning application for the works was submitted to the Broads Authority (via Broadland District Council) on November 20th 2006. This is for flood defence works on the right bank of the River Yare. Permission was granted in February 2007. Works commenced in April 2007.

Click here for more information about Compartment 14

Major improvement schemes in 2007

These are the compartments where we will be undertaking major improvement works in 2007:

New Compartments

Compartment 10 - Stokesby and Mautby Marshes
Compartment 12 - Limpenhoe (Limpenhoe Marshes)
Compartment 13 - Cantley (Cantley Sugar Beet Factory)
Compartment 14 - Cantley (Cantley Marshes)
Compartment 25a - Geldeston (Geldeston Marshes)
Compartment 25b - Barsham (Barsham Marshes)

Continuation of works started in previous years

Compartment 1 - Upton (Upton Marshes)
Compartment 2 - South Walsham (South Walsham Marshes)
Compartment 21 - Chedgrave and Hardley Marshes (Chegrave Common and Hardley Marshes)
Compartment 22 - Nogdam End
Compartment 23 - Burgh St Peter (Short Dam Level)
Compartment 28 - Barnby and Carlton Colville (Barnby, Carlton and Share Marshes)

Compartment 10, Stokesby and Mautby

A planning application for the works was submitted to the Broads Authority (via Great Yarmouth Borough Council) on February 1st 2007. This is for flood defence works on the left bank of the River Yare, left bank of the River Bure. Permission was granted in April 2007 and works commenced late May 2007.

Click here to read more about Compartment 10

Flooding in the Broads, November 9th 2007

November 9th 2007 saw some of the highest water levels recorded since the great storm of 1953. With a spring tide and driving winds Great Yarmouth recorded a surge of over 2 metres above the predicted tide.

Click here to read more about the November 2007 flooding event


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