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Compartment 22 Consultation Document
Aerial pictures and solutions for Compartment 22 phase 3
Compartment 22 Phase 3 consultation document
Compartment 22 Phase 3 consultation responses
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Compartment Information

Name: Compartment 22 - Phase 3
Number: 22
Location: Burgh and Wheatacre Marshes
Haddiscoe Cut, Waveney, Chet, Yare

Compartment Status Information

  Preliminary Appraisal
Planning Approval
Construction Works
In progress

Compartment Photos


Compartment Description

Compartment 22 is one of the largest compartments BESL is committed to improving as part of its programme of flood defence works, with over 20,000 metres of floodbank. The compartment comprises the right bank of the River Chet, the right bank of the River Yare between the confluence with the River Chet and The New Cut, The New Cut itself and the left bank of the River Waveney between the confluence with The New Cut and Burgh St Peter. The Compartment is mainly agricultural land containing no designated environmental sites. The Norwich to Lowestoft railway also runs through the site. The site contains some archaeology, former mills, medieval and post-medieval water management, Second World War defences.

The work has been divided into three phases due to the size of the compartment and variability in floodbank condition.

The proposed flood defence improvement works for phase 3 will comprise of 4 areas: Area A, from Nogdam Staithe on the Chet around to Reedham Ferry on the Yare; Area B, from the railway swing bridge downstream of Reedham to the point on The Cut where the railway approaches the edge of The Cut; Area C, from close to the St Olaves high level road bridge over The Cut to immediately upstream of Somerleyton Bridge; Area D, four sections of bank on the Waveney at the upstream end of the compartment. The works primarily consist of maintenance and strengthening together with short sections of rollback and setback.

Click here to read about the planning application for Compartment 22 Phase 3

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