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Compartment Information

Name: Compartment 11 Bure
Number: 11
Location: Tunstall and South Walsham Marshes

Compartment Status Information

  Preliminary Appraisal
Planning Approval
Construction Works
In progress


Compartment Photos


Compartment Description

Compartment 11 Bure includes a 15781m stretch if floodbank on the right bank of the River Bure, from Acle Boat Dyke to Great Yarmouth. Within this compartment there are various historical and archaeological sites such as post medieval Grade II listed buildings such as 18th century Tunstall Dyke smock mill, 19th century Stacey Arms drainage mill, Runham Wind Pump and Five Mile House Wind Pump. There are also post medieval mills/wind pumps such as Ashtree Farm wind pump, which dates back to 1912, and Acle Drain mill as well as World War I and II structures (pillboxes and bomb craters). Recorded archaeological findings within this compartment include a Neolithic axe, Roman pottery, medieval to post-medieval earthworks and Saxon saltern mounds.

Improvement works for this site began in March 2008 and are forecast to be completed in 2009. Most of the works involve long lengths of strengthening with smaller lengths of maintain, rollback or set back floodbank. Erosion protection was also installed at appropriate locations.

There are good opportunities for walking within the compartment as a public footpath runs along the entire length of the floodbank, from Runham to Acle, where the Weavers Way long distance footpath joins. There are also three footpaths that cut across the marshes at Tunstall Dyke, Scaregap Farm and Bure Loop.
Informal mooring sites are between Acle and Stokesby and the main private moorings are at Acle, alongside Stacey Arms drainage mill, Ashtree Farm and the Bure Loop. Fishing opportunities are better upstream of Stokesby where the River Bure is not affected by tidal salt water unlike further downstream where the quality of fishing becomes poor as a result.

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